The time to begin has come!

And so, it happened.

The blog trend has reached us – two crazy women – which were bounded by the love of Italy, its cuisine and language. This feeling came unexpectedly, in different circumstances, but both of us know, that it will last. Traveling is in our blood, that’s why in free time we go to explore the world, one close to us, and the world not so close as well. Maybe we haven’t climbed Mont Everest yet, but the time for it will come ;). In this moment we would like to concentrate on a country, which completely blew our mind away, which during each visit reveals to us something new, something beautiful, something delicious. Bella Italia has never disappointed us, she makes you like her, she inspires you, makes you happy, excited, she lives inside each of us. That’s why we want to share this love with others, and pass on our passion.

The country which has everything wants to share its treasures with every person who’s looking for adventure. There is no place is Italy which could disappoint, bore or discourage you. It doesn’t matter if its a big metropolis or a rocky village – everything is filled with history, tradition, love of life. That’s why Italy is like a drug for us – we just have to keep on going back there.

This blog aims to help us relive everything. consolidate such valuable memories, and share our emotions with all “Italy lovers”. Seen on the plate, in books, movies, while on the road, will be than posted on this blog. We want to write about all Italian regions, show beautiful landscapes, share recipes of traditional Italian dishes from different regions, we just want you to get as addicted to this country as we are.


Who has seen Italy, may forget about the rest of the world. Who has been in Heaven does not desire Earth.


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